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Earn secure rewards from your ETH without worrying about any of the hardware.

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Outsource The Hard Parts.

Forget about hardware specs, setup, node maintenance and upgrades.

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Simple and Powerful

Let us know how many validators you want to open, and send in your ETH.

Earn Rewards Directly

Payouts get sent straight to your wallet. Get a easy to understand monthly statement for accounting purposes.

Start and stop at any time.

You own your own keys to the validator, and can full exit whenever you want.

Transparent and Flexible Pricing

Get your validators up and running for only $1 a day. Pay in USD, ETH, or FTX (20% discount)!


We don't hold any of your ETH, and will not be able to take your ETH from your validators.

Secure and Transparent

Our smart contracts are transparent and audited by Certik. We are ISO27001 certified.

No Slashing

We started validating on block #2, and have not been slashed even once.

Start earning today.

Safe and secure
Cancel any time
Online support
Transparent and flat fees
No credit check
Audited platform