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Our vision is to create an ecosystem where trust, risk reduction, and efficiency is maximized, and all participants win.

Our mission is to make decentralized financing with trust a no-brainer for individuals and businesses.

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Right time, right moment.

Our founder has been wrestling with this concept for many years, waiting for the right technology and opportunity. He made his mark in the finance and leasing industry by creating the market’s first online credit adjudication software, as mentioned in the book ‘Unstoppable’ published 2014 by Beth Parker and endorsed by the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association (CFLA).

In order to communicate with the remote mainframes of the credit bureaus, he simulated asynchronous call functionality before it even existed.

Nelson founded Robocoder Corporation in 1999, a reputable software design & development firm and continued to deliver successful solutions in the financial sector.

In 2000, Nelson invented the low-code development platform Rintagi - a proven tool that builds mission-critical custom enterprise applications with the ability to rejuvenate its applications with latest user interface, experience, and technology with just the press of a button, subsequently ISO 27001 certified by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC in 2021.

One of the Rintagi-built mission-critical applications delivered in 2003 is currently serving the pass-through securitization market in North America, managing billions of dollars of assets for reputable financial institutions.

When the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) was brought to his attention in early 2017, he recognized the opportunity to combine his experience and knowledge to turn his low-code development platform into a no-code development platform, with the ability to generate self-executing smart programs (smart contracts) on a decentralized ledger.

Intrigued by the potential, Nelson engaged several existing clients who agreed to further explore how this platform could reduce risk and improve liquidity, security, administration and cost in the financing industry, especially between small businesses and suppliers.

In pursuit of this opportunity, the pioneering technology of smart credits was developed - enabling any business to issue their own IOUs on the blockchain to facilitate cashflow and unlock liquidity for the supply chain.

After servicing hundreds of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to unlock millions in capital, we’re embarking on the next journey of offering interest free loans via liquidity demand and supply in a regulated DeFi environment.

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