FintruX Network is building a decentralized finance platform –, powered by blockchain technology, that allows businesses and individuals to potentially earn double-digit rewards annually while enjoying interest free liquidity at any time.

Key Specifics

  • Interest free liquidity in PAYD against your ETH collateral (up to 86.95%)
  • Stake ETH, get PAYD / pronounced PAID /
  • Transparent rewards paid out by the blockchain for PAYD users
  • Stake PAYD, get ETH
  • To be regulated by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore)
  • Smart contracts audited by Certik.


We are sharing the expertise and technology needed to stake ETH and earn rewards with everyone. You don't need to have 32 ETH to get started - and you don't have to worry about slashing fees. Users deposit ETH into Caches which are then staked in validators for ETH2.0 validator and mining rewards.

When you open a cache, users can get an asset-backed and algorithmically-backed stablecoin, PAYD to supplement the liquidity needed for ETH hodlers who are staked in the system. They are able to drawdown up to 86.95% of the USD value of the ETH staked - which will change the riskiness of the cache position.

PAYD can be transferred freely and used for day-to-day transactions, as well as staking into the rewards pool to earn the validator and mining rewards earned by the caches. Additionally, as the price of ETH fluctuates, risky cache users may be liquidated, and the ETH will be transferred as liquidation rewards for the rewards users - burning PAYD in the process to keep the stablecoin balanced and pegged to USD. (SFI) is in the midst of a applying for a DPT licence with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Please note that during this period, our website may change and be refined over time.